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Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) 2020 Category Award Winners

Allegany Allied Arts and the Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) are pleased to announce the Category Award winners for QCFF 2020, to be held April 1-4 at The Venue At Mezzos (114 S. Centre St.) in Cumberland, Maryland:

Category Awards: (Denotes the highest (adjusted) scoring short or feature in a category. Ties are allowed.)
Animation Short: Tidy Town, Netherlands, Dana Alink
Appalachian Short: The Medicine In The Mind, United States, Michael O. Snyder
Appalachian Feature: The Hills I Call Home, United States, Ashton Gleckman
Cult Short: In Search of Hawaiian Bigfoot – The Maui Skunk Ape, United States, MarQ Morrison
Cult Feature: A Christmas Cancellation, United States, Justin Timpane
Documentary Short: Pretty Vacant, United States, Cigdem Slankard
Documentary Feature: Live Free. Skate Hard., United States, Legrand McMullen
Horror/SciFi Short: Under the lather, France, Ollivier Briand
Horror/SciFi Feature: Re-Elected, United States, Max Radbill
Kids/Family Short: Down In The Deep Blue Sea, Canada, Brett Jubinville
Kids/Family Feature: The Beaver Believers, Sarah Koenigsberg, USA
LGBT Short: Aline, France, Simon Guélat
LGBT Feature: Once a Fury, United States, Jacqueline Rhodes
Music Video: The Hard Road Trio- Mama Spin Me Round, United States, Orlando Martos
Music Short: FUTURECLEF, United States, Frank Glover
Music Feature: In Her Hands; Key Changes In Jazz, United States, Kay Ray
Social Justice Short: The Undocumented Lawyer, United States, Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci
Social Justice Feature: A PLACE TO BREATHE, United States, Michelle Grace Steinberg

More information is available at the festival website (, Facebook page (, or by email at The Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) is a production of Allegany Allied Arts, Inc.


Allegany Allied Arts, Inc. can be reached by mail at 101 Decatur St., Cumberland, MD 21502. Please visit us at,, or For more information, please contact