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QCFF 2022 Official Selections


Allegany Allied Arts and the Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) are pleased to announce the Official Selections for QCFF 2022. Official schedule and more details to follow. QCFF 2022 will be held October 6-9, 2022, at The Venue At Mezzos, 114 S. Centre St., Cumberland, MD 21502.

Project Title, Country of Origin, Directors, Submission Categories
OPAL, Martinique, Alan Bidard, Animation Features
The Statue (Peykareh), Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohsen Salehi Fard, Animation Shorts
THE SPRAYER , Islamic Republic of Iran, Farnoosh Abedi, Animation Shorts
Special Delivery, United States, Olivia Baylor, Animation Shorts
FACE, United Kingdom, Sophia Kyriacou, Animation Shorts
Devil Put The Coal In The Ground, United States, Lucas Sabean & Peter Hutchison, Appalachian Features
Bliss, United States, Mark L. Mazzeo, Appalachian Shorts
The Greatest Of All Tina, United States, Brody Gusar, Cult Features
Mask of the Devil, United Kingdom, Richard Rowntree, Cult Features
On / Off, Argentina, Nicolas P. Villarreal, Cult Shorts
Poetry Stalled, United States, Steven Biver, Cult Shorts
Song For Hope, United States, Chris Haigh, Documentary Features
From Mexico to Vietnam, a Chicano story, United States, Andrés Gallegos, Documentary Features
The Tower Road Bus, United States, Michael Streissguth, Documentary Features
ordinary things, United States, Matthew Cowling Grammer, Documentary Features
Just a Broadway Baby: Mary Ellen Ashley, United States, Patrick A Riviere, Documentary Shorts
Digital Champions leading the fight against FGM in Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, Steven Hervieu, Documentary Shorts
First Final Ride, United States, Evan Kidd, Documentary Shorts
Tri-Hard: A Documentary Short Film, United States, Shawn Malangyaon, Documentary Shorts
Town Band, United States, Alice Elliott, Documentary Shorts
High Stakes Hoops, United States, Jack Bloomfield, Amelia Jarecke & Reese Levin, Documentary Shorts
Esme, My Love, United States, Cory Choy, Horror / SciFi Features
Part Forever, Taiwan, Alan Chung-An & Ou, Horror / SciFi Shorts
ANGLER, Spain, Angel Hernández, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Survivers, Spain, Carlos Gómez-Trigo, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Prom Night, United States, Carolin Harvey, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Condemned, United States, Steven Biver, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Detect, United Kingdom, Mark Benmore, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Anima Possession, Hong Kong, WAI MO CHAN, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Shroom Baby, United Kingdom, Mu Lakhi, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Okay Google, United States, Troy Smith & Sam Lucas Smith, Horror / SciFi Shorts
Fridge, Ireland, Sam Lucas Smith, Horror / SciFi Shorts
LOVE IS A FIRE, United States, Sofie Somoroff, Horror / SciFi Shorts
When the dawn comes, Taiwan, Zhang Hong-Jie, LGBT Features
Sheer Qorma, India, Faraz Arif Ansari, LGBT Shorts
Puzzle in the palm, Japan, Ayumi Kurokawa, LGBT Shorts
Jouissance, Islamic Republic of Iran, Sadeq Es-haqi, LGBT Shorts
BOYCAM , Brazil, Rodrigo Sena, Arlindo Bezerra e Ernani Silveira, LGBT Shorts
Sound Mechanic, United States, Skizz Cyzyk, Music Features
That Thing That Sound, United States, Kelsey Hammer-Parks, Nathan M. Emerson, Music Features
Superstar!, United States, Daniel Wyland, Music Shorts
Argent Glass (feat. Char), Japan, Katsuyuki Nakanishi, Music Videos
Las Abogadas: Attorneys on the Front Lines of the Migrant Crisis, United States, Victoria Bruce, Social Justice Features
The First Step, United States, Brandon Kramer, Social Justice Features
Total Disaster, United States, Keil Orion Troisi & Molly Gore, Social Justice Shorts

More information is available at the festival website (, Facebook page (, or by email at The Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) is a production of Allegany Allied Arts, Inc.


We will be in touch shortly with more information, schedule, and so forth. If you want to link to this announcement, please use this link:

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