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QCFF 2018 Official Selections

Allegany Allied Arts and the Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) are pleased to announce the Official Selections for QCFF 2018.

QCFF 2018 Official Selections
Title, Country, Director, Category

Harvie and the Magic Museum, Czech Republic, Martin Kotik, Animation Features
Adelaide McCarthy and the, United Kingdom, Dewi Evans, Animation Shorts
Big Booom, Russian Federation, Marat Narimanov, Animation Shorts
Billie, United Kingdom, Maki Yoshikura, Animation Shorts
I can’t bring you away, Taiwan, LIN LI-WEI, Animation Shorts
L E N D I N, Italy, Piero Tonin, Animation Shorts
Little Doll, France, Silene Barralon, Animation Shorts
Negative Spaces, United States, Michaela Wadzinski, Animation Shorts
Pour 585, United States, Patrick Smith, Animation Shorts
Railment, Japan, Shunsaku Hayashi, Animation Shorts
Red’s Barbershop: The Sandbox and the Desk, United States, Daniel Maw, Animation Shorts
Reverie, United States, Emily DeWoolfson, Animation Shorts
The Fox, Iran, Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh, Animation Shorts
The Holy Re-Write, United States, Angela Pinaglia, Animation Shorts
The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki, United Kingdom, Sven Werner, Animation Shorts
The Night Sky Diver, Canada, Allison Brown, Animation Shorts
The Old Woman and the Sea, Germany, Wolfgang Purkhauser, Animation Shorts
Andre Van Damme & The Story of the Charleston Ballet, United States, Deborah Novak, Appalachian Features
Down and Yonder, United States, Christopher Flippo, Appalachian Features
The Mountain Minor, United States, Dale Farmer, Appalachian Features
erson, United States, Don Swanson, Appalachian Shorts
Family Medicine, United States, Joe Kraemer, Appalachian Shorts
The Theta Girl, United States, Christopher Bickel, Cult Features
Craniac!, United States, Paul M Villanova, Cult Shorts
P, Russian Federation, Tatiana Skorlupkina, Cult Shorts
Girl And A Scar, United Kingdom, David Cave, Cult Shorts
Hotel Oswald, Netherlands, Kim Hotterbeekx, Cult Shorts
Lew, United States, Tom Colley, Cult Shorts
LULU, United States, Diana Cignoni, Cult Shorts
Behind bars are trees of green, Poland, Rafal Kolodziejczyk, Documentary Features
Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy, United States, R. Todd Stevens, Documentary Features
Life’s A Stage, United States, Annie Danzi, Documentary Features
Only in a day, Spain, Luis Noriega and Rafael Álvarez-Espejo, Documentary Features
Back in the Ring: USC Student Training to Be a Professional Wrestler, United States, Luke Baker, Documentary Shorts
BackBurner Dreams, United States, Brenda Hayes, Documentary Shorts
Books are my Weapon, United States, Alice Obar, Documentary Shorts
Brocken Spectre, India, Adhiraj Kashyap, Documentary Shorts
From a Valley of Talol, United States, Sam Simonds, Shineika Fareus and Yves Pierre, Documentary Shorts
ISTANBUL PUNK, Turkey, Ali Kanibelli, Documentary Shorts
The High Sierra Trail, United States, Chris Smead, Documentary Shorts
Without Water, United States, Daymon Long, Documentary Shorts
Lost In Apocalypse, China, Sky Wang, Horror/SciFi Features
A Quiet Room in Walthamstow, United Kingdom, Tiago Teixeira, Horror/SciFi Shorts
BEC, Spain, TONY MORALES, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Crazy night, Spain, Dídac López, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Moonchild, France, Bruno Mazzocchi, Horror/SciFi Shorts
OPERATION: SAFE_HOUSE, United Kingdom, Alex Sitnik, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Rose Castle, France, Emmanuel DUCHEZ, Horror/SciFi Shorts
She Came from the Woods, United States, Erik and Carson Bloomquist, Horror/SciFi Shorts
the Watch, France, Paul Prache, Horror/SciFi Shorts
A Wish for Giants, United States, Don Swanson, Kids/Family Features
9.58, France, Les films d’ AVALON, Kids/Family Shorts
A Drawing, United States, Brad Condie, Kids/Family Shorts
Are You Volleyball?!, Iran, Mohammad Bakhshi, Kids/Family Shorts
Charlotte and Charlie, United States, Artemis Anastasiadou, Kids/Family Shorts
‘Goes without saying, France, Pierre Sabrou, Kids/Family Shorts
Operation First Light, United States, Irving Nestor, Kids/Family Shorts
Rag Dolls, United States, Justin & Kristin Schaack, Kids/Family Shorts
Shame and glasses, Italy, Alessandro Riconda, Kids/Family Shorts
Step by Step, United States, Thi Doan, Kids/Family Shorts
CAS, Netherlands, Joris van de Berg, LGBT Features
A Girl From Beacon Ridge, United States, Kirk Demorest, LGBT Shorts
Dragtivists, United States, Savannah Rodgers, LGBT Shorts
Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley, United States, Aaron Curtis, LGBT Shorts
Heaven’s Rage, United Kingdom, Mark Crane, LGBT Shorts
Seeing Glory, United States, Rick Hamilton, LGBT Shorts
Sink, Australia, Cloudy Rhodes, LGBT Shorts
Something About Alex, Netherlands, Reinout Hellenthal, LGBT Shorts
Sunset, United States, Katie Ennis and Gary Jaffe, LGBT Shorts
Unicorn, United States, Devin Tau, LGBT Shorts
X, United States, Alanna DePinto, LGBT Shorts
I Can Only Be Mary Lane, United States, Jesseca Ynez Simmons, Music Features
UP TO SNUFF, United States, Mark Maxey, Music Features
Leave Today by FAINTING GHOST, Canada, Zoran Maslic, Music Videos
Bad Clown, Czech Republic, Martin Kolembar, Music Videos
Dardem: El Reloj, Spain, Lorenzo Ayuso, Music Videos
Disparager: FALL, United States, Rob Maloof, Music Videos
FALL APART, United Kingdom, , Music Videos
Forest Queen, United States, Don Swanson, Music Videos
Head lIke A Hole – The End Of Life, New Zealand, Marc Swadel, Music Videos
Nín thở – Gỗ lim, Vietnam, Vincent Baumont, Music Videos
ORIGIN by KERAI, Iceland, Kitty Von-Sometime, Music Videos
Rupture – Johaine, Brazil, Nyck Maftum and Bernardo Deque, Music Videos
Scandal, France (Réunion), Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx, Music Videos
The New Alpha, United States, Elena Nazaroff, Music Videos
Too Weird For You, Germany, Dan Warren, Music Videos
Untitled #1, United States, Ernie Smith , Music Videos