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QCFF 2017 Official Selections

Allegany Allied Arts and the Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) are pleased to announce the Official Selections for QCFF 2017. Official schedule and more details to follow.

Project Title, Duration, Directors, Submission Categories
Alan, 0:04:23, Isabella Iampieri, LGBT Shorts
Anima Radix, 0:03:00, Fernando Silva De la Cruz, Animation Shorts
ANNOYING, 1:30:00, Zoran Maslic, Documentary Features
AnorMal, 0:14:45, Luis Galán, Documentary Shorts
Appalachia, 0:14:34, Peter Lilly, Appalachian Shorts
Becoming Lucy, 0:13:45, Luisa Novo, Kids/Family Shorts
BeWitched, 0:13:36, Heather Elise Nelson & Rosemarie Nelson, Kids/Family Shorts
Boring I Love You, 0:03:20, Nikhil Malik, Music Videos
Catching the L Train, 0:06:30, Eric Raingruber, Kids/Family Shorts
Claire & Bruno : a story of love and fresh meat, 0:23:16, Lionel Delebarre, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Coming Out, 0:02:58, Nicholas Ybarra, LGBT Shorts
Crookcrank, 0:04:12, Jeremy Weinstein, Music Videos
Dickinson Avenue: The [mostly] True Story of The Paddock Club, 1:29:34, Michael Bojtos, LGBT Features
Doctor of Monster, 0:11:00, Gustavo Teixeira, Kids/Family Shorts
Don’t Cry over Spilt Eggnog, 0:12:36, Michael Patrick Rogers, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Dusk, 0:15:00, Jake Graf, LGBT Shorts
Eagle Feather, 0:04:26, Pasquale Encell, Animation Shorts
Everything is Fine, 0:06:07, Sam Ferguson, Rachel Zhu, Kids/Family Shorts
Family, 0:06:33, Campbell Miller, Kids/Family Shorts
Filling In, 0:22:00, Bradley Hawkins, Kids/Family Shorts
Gift in My Hands: Leonard Logsdail’s Story, 0:09:12, Gary Gasse, Documentary Shorts
Good Morning, Mrs. Rice, 0:27:33, Andie Eisen, Appalachian Shorts
Govan Young, 0:30:00, Martin Clark, Documentary Shorts
Groove – with Bill Evans in Russia, 1:50:30, Christoph Felder, Music Features
H.U.M.A.N.S., 0:09:59, Johnathan Newport, Kids/Family Shorts
H0_pe 02, 0:09:29, Francesco Bruno Sorrentino & Antonio Genovese, Animation Shorts
Headhunterz & Skytech – Kundalini, 0:03:25, Anton van der Linden, Music Videos
Headspace, 0:04:06, Jake Graf, LGBT Shorts
Highpointers, 0:56:40, Gary Scurka, Kids/Family Features
How I Feel, 0:02:37, Jayniece Prichette, Music Videos
I swear, 0:09:56, Pierre-Henri Gibert, Music Videos
I’M JEEJA, 0:26:00, SWATI CHAKRABORTY, Documentary Shorts
It’s A Boy, 0:05:19, Trent Nakamura, LGBT Shorts
Killing Us Softly, 0:05:00, Emilie Boyard, Music Videos
King In The Mountain, 0:54:41, Dave Edwards, Appalachian Features
Kloggs – Berries, 0:03:35, Ulla Nagy, Music Videos
KRISHNA’S WAITING ROOM, 0:52:00, KAVITA BAHL, Documentary Features
Lily, 0:21:00, Graham Cantwell, LGBT Shorts
Long as Time, 0:06:26, Matt Garfield, Music Videos
Lotus Lantern, 0:06:30, Xingpei Shen, Animation Shorts
Madness, 0:06:00, Adrian Szczepaniak, Music Videos
Maine Girls, 0:27:22, Yael Luttwak & Abigail Tannebaum Sharon, Documentary Shorts
Mannequin, 0:07:58, Pete Burkeet, Animation Shorts
Me by You, 0:05:00, David Buob, Animation Shorts
Memory Hospital, 0:18:25, Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Cult Shorts
Mercy Marie, 0:04:10, Ernie Smith, Music Videos
MUXE, 1:58:00, Michael Satzinger, LGBT Features
Neverlaid To Rest, 0:18:56, Erik Long, LGBT Shorts
New Ways to Bear Witness, 0:05:47, Holly Siders, Music Videos
Nightmarish, 0:00:00, Ronnie Khalil, Kids/Family Shorts
Not Immune, 0:04:58, Andrew Abaria, LGBT Shorts
“O, Mistress Mine”, 0:03:42, Sally McLean, Music Videos
One Last Sunset Redux, 1:19:44, kevin richmond, Horror/SciFi Features
Parasols Falling, 0:05:00, Joseph Fraizer, Animation Shorts
Pat, The Polar Bear, 0:00:47, Kaz Ceh, Kids/Family Shorts
Pigheaded, 1:30:00, John Kinhart, Documentary Features
Pittari, 0:04:00, Patrick Smith, Animation Shorts
Pohanci (Deep fried), 0:24:30, Ivan Mokrovic, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Prosperity, 0:14:56, Christopher D. Lusk, Appalachian Shorts
Relativity explained to children, 0:10:10, Pierre Gaffié, Kids/Family Shorts
Resistant Virus ‘An STD’, 0:09:30, Silver S. Kim, Music Videos
Rotary, 0:10:47, Lorenzo P. Adams, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty, 1:42:00, H. Paul Moon, Music Features
Save the earth, 0:02:35, Woonyea Han, Animation Shorts
SEEDS, 0:01:48, Milo Bennet-Shephard (age 11 at the time), Kids/Family Shorts
She was young with light eyes, 1:27:00, Giovanni Mazzitelli, Cult Features
Silou: A Tale Of An Orang Asli, 0:20:00, Yazan Al Assadi, Documentary Shorts
So, Your Kid’s a Homo, 0:21:12, Julyan Stephens, LGBT Shorts
Soma & Lil, 0:11:00, Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides, Music Shorts
Squeers, 0:01:36, Matt Torode, LGBT Shorts
Swimming in the Desert, 0:15:00, Alvaro Ron, Kids/Family Shorts
SWITZERLAND, 0:02:43, Angel Violet Hawes, Music Videos
The Arcade Creek Project: A Mosaic of Sustainability, 0:29:44, Jierel Almario, Documentary Shorts
The astronaut’s journal, 0:05:19, Marina Belikova, Animation Shorts
The Cracker Jack Ring, 0:02:22, Kevin McGuiness, Animation Shorts
The Cradle, 0:25:00, Arthur Sukhonin, Horror/SciFi Shorts
The Egg Job, 0:05:00, Guilherme Arduin, Animation Shorts
The Fighter, 0:06:39, Dave Thorp, Music Videos
The Fox, 0:10:47, Louise Turley, Kids/Family Shorts
The Graeme Watkins Project – ‘Love In Abundance’, 0:03:46, Rick Joaquim, Music Videos
The Other Side, 0:03:50, Ching Cheng, Animation Shorts
The Pea Shooter, 1:00:00, Joseph T. Spence, Appalachian Features
The Velvet Abstract, 0:07:04, James Hughes, Animation Shorts
Then What Happened?, 0:28:25, Avi Glick, LGBT Shorts
Third Eye of The Shaman, 0:24:47, Arthur Mountaniol, Cult Shorts
TOMBOi – Rainbow Warrior, 0:05:29, Keagan Anfuso, Music Videos
TURE, 0:14:50, 杨易 Jason, Animation Shorts
Under The Apple Tree, 0:18:23, Erik van Schaaik, Horror/SciFi Shorts
Watchers, 0:08:27, Niklas Nieminen, Horror/SciFi Shorts
When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac, 0:04:30, Yifei Wang (Moonchild), Animation Shorts
Wishful Whiskers, 0:09:55, Pulkit Datta, Kids/Family Shorts
You, Me, Us, 0:05:00, Danylo Hauk, LGBT Shorts