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QCFF 2015 Program (Text Version)

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QCFF 2015 Text Program

Thursday, October 1

12:00pm-2:00pm Filmmaker/Media Reception — These informal, unstructured “meet & greet” sessions allow networking time for filmmakers, staff, and media.

2:00pm-4:00pm Educational Panel — Appalachia — The Thursday festival program kicks off with the Appalachian category, and Thursday’s educational panel will be dedicated to Appalachian subjects. The program will encompass the following subject areas: Defining Appalachia, Appalachia in Film, Social Justice

Kara Rogers Thomas: Dr. Kara Rogers Thomas is an Associate Professor of Folklore and Sociology at Frostburg State University. Her work as a Folklorist is supported in part through a grant from Maryland Traditions, a program of the Maryland State Arts Council. Her areas of interest include folklore and folklife studies, Appalachian studies, religious experience, and interdisciplinary learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

4:00pm-5:30pm — Appalachian Block 1

“Bounty Momma” (4:00pm), Wendy Keeling, USA, 15 minutes, unrated: The bounty hunting world will never be the same under the watch of hot redneck momma Twyla Sue Dollarhide and her dim witted family. Twyla Sue Dollarhide, aka “Bounty Mama”, is a no-nonsense southern firecracker with a reality show who, despite the incompetence of her gun toting lamebrain family and film crew, proudly boasts that she “always gets her man”! This reality parody brings the viewer inside the day to day of a dysfunctional family business that turns otherwise mundane bounty escapades into mayhem and madness. If Reno 911, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a love child it would probably be Bounty Momma!

“Rural Aspirations” (4:16pm), Mike Venezia, USA, 3 minutes, unrated: We traveled around the State and asked residents their aspirations for their community. We did not script their answers. This short film highlights our state’s rural aspirations.

“One Vision / Many Voices” (4:20pm), Michael O. Snyder, USA, 7 minutes, unrated: A short film showcasing the original song, “Wherever Rivers Flow,” wrapping up a year-long community visioning and art project produced by the Appalachian Independent, ( based out of Frostburg, Maryland . With support from the Maryland Humanities Council, Allegany Arts Council, the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Teach…

“Civil” (4:28pm), Andrew Stacy Huggins, USA, 9 minutes, unrated: Five individuals’ lives will be changed forever on this fateful day in South Carolina, 1865.

“You Wouldn’t Expect” (4:38pm), Evan Kidd, USA, 9 minutes, unrated: A mother and daughter’s horrific experiences as two of the almost 7,600 victims of the North Carolina Eugenics Program. Set in the backdrop of 1960’s southern America.

“Tree Hugger” (4:48pm), Kira Bursky, USA, 13 minutes, unrated: In search of magic, high school freshmen Clara gets involved with Leo, an older boy, but the fantasy world in her head darkens when Leo takes advantage of her.

“Across The Whipplewash” (5:02pm), Josh Drake & Caitlin Drake, USA, 16 minutes, unrated: Having fallen under hypnosis, only to discover a gambling debt he cannot reconcile, Edmund Pierce convinces his two brothers to take part in the robbery of their wealthy uncle. When the crime goes awry the Brothers Pierce flee in to the Whipplewash.

5:30pm-7:00pm — Appalachian Feature — “Something Better Comes Along”, Mark Loriot Mazzeo, USA, 67 minutes, unrated: Listless millenials muse over unrequited love on their way to self discovery in this character driven suburban neorealist story.

7:00pm-9:00pm — Appalachian Feature — “A Lesson of Love”, Micheal McAlexander, USA, 102 minutes, unrated: Set in the mountains of Appalachia, A LESSON OF LOVE is the story of a professor from Los Angeles recruited to teach at a small-town college, who then falls in love with a deeply religious local woman. The unlikely love is torn apart by one’s commitment to faith and the other’s devotion to reason. They must overcome deeply-rooted fears and age-old prejudices to hold on to the love they both desperately need.

9:00pm-10:30pm — Music Feature — “How Sweet The Sound — The Blind Boys of Alabama”, Leslie McCleave, USA, 89 minutes, unrated: Filmed over the course of ten years, ‘How Sweet the Sound’ is an intimate portrait of The Blind Boys of Alabama – who met as children in the 1930s at a state-run segregated vocational school and would become one of the last great gospel quartets traversing the famed “gospel highway” and beyond. As the surviving band members recount their unlikely success story, we see a rare, frank view of life on the road and off with these renowned performers, now in their 70s and 80s.

Friday, October 2

12:00pm-2:00pm Filmmaker/Media Reception — These informal, unstructured “meet & greet” sessions allow networking time for filmmakers, staff, and media.

2:00pm-4:00pm Educational Panel — Creative Placemaking — Presented in cooperation with the Allegany Arts Council. Includes a screening of a related film on one of the previously presented case studies.

“Farewell To Factory Towns?” (2:40pm), Maynard Seider, USA, 61 minutes, unrated: What happens when the factories leave a typical New England mill town? Can a huge museum of contemporary art be the engine of economic development that the community needs? The documentary tries to answer that question and argues that what is really needed is a new “New Deal” – and not just for former factory towns.

4:00pm-6:00pm — LGBT Block 1

“Red Over The Rainbow” (4:00pm), Baumont Vincent, Vietnam, 27 minutes, Vietnamese with English subtitles: An introduction to the LGBT rising movement in Vietnam, from the first gay pride events to personal stories.

“Breaking Free” (4:30pm), Sridhar Rangayan, India, 82 minutes, unrated, English and Hindi with English subtitles: Crisscrossing across India, featuring in-depth with advocates, activists and candid testimonies of gay and transgender persons, BREAKING FREE traces the history of challenge to the colonial anti-sodomy law Sec 377. Shot over 7 years, from 2007 to 2014, this gritty indie documentary lays bare the Indian LGBT landscape from an insider’s perspective. What starts off as a personal journey to unearth victimizations of LGBT persons at the hands of the law and police, the film spirals out to be a journey of an emerging community, that is rising out of the shadows and emphatically stating there is ‘No Going Back!’

6:00pm-8:00pm — Documentary Block 1

“Art Connect” (6:00pm), Miquel Galofre, Trinidad and Tobago, 74 minutes, unrated: Art Connect is a feature length documentary that reveals the impact that art and creativity had in a group of ‘at risk’ teenagers from Laventille, the most marred by violence community in Trinidad and Tobago. The story is told by these children who had access to different forms of art to express themselves. By talking, painting, singing, dancing and filming they will allow us to come into their world.

“Pepin Bello, the man who never did anything” (7:14pm), Alvaro Merino, Spain, 30 minutes, unrated, English and Spanish with English subtitles: At the end of 2005, I was lucky enough to get to know Jose “Pepin” Bello, the last living voice of the Generation of ’27. Intimate friend of Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel and Federico García Lorca among others, “Pepin” modestly, had influenced both the work and lives of tens of renowned artists. Excited by his lucidity, enormous humanity and vast memory (since he was 101 years old), I wanted to make a statement of these encounters with an improvised audiovisual recording, urgently, enlisting a small group of friends and professionals from this field. The results could not have been better. Even so, by misfortunes of life, these images could never see the light… Until now.

8:00pm-10:00pm Cult Shorts Block

“I Love You, Eddie Deezen”, Sherry Mattson, USA, 13 minutes, unrated: A fish out of water nerd love story. Mabel is unhappy with her life and needs a change. She leaves the Midwest for Hollywood to find the man of her dreams. Brad? Nope. George? Ugh. Eddie? You bet! Because nerds need love, too.

“Somos Amigos” (“We Are Friends”), Carlos Solano, Spain, 13 minutes, unrated, Spanish with English subtitles: What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio (a young businessman of an apparently reliable firm) finds himself when he learns that Santi, along with twenty four other workers under his service, has to be fired. His boss and friend Max tries to advise him on how to handle the situation, but it soon becomes increasingly entangled. Somos Amigos (We Are Friends) is a short film that seeks to explore the limits between friendship and work… if they exist at all.

“No One At That Place”, Seung-Hyeob Kim, Republic of Korea, 17 minutes, unrated, English and Korean with Korean subtitles: 50s film projectionist who is only do film projection. One day, suddenly, new digital projectors come in.

“In Vino Veritas”, Lorenzo Borghini, Italy, 15 minutes, unrated, Italian with English subtitles: I realized that even in the world of the living. I felt pain. I was alive. Going to the bar ordered the tenth glass of wine, I began to sip slowly and the red liquid divine made me understand many things. It was the wine that had saved me. Sober, I would have treated the stranger hastily, I would have wound up in seconds and probably would have ended up dead on in that bathroom. Yes, the wine had saved me. I picked up the phone and called the cops. I was not a villain, but at that time it seemed the right thing to do.

“Greetings From Coney Island”, Adrian Alonso Cordoni, Argentina, 3 minutes, unrated, Spanish with English subtitles: Take a ride down the road of memories.

“Adverse Reaction”, Lai Wei, UK, 2 minutes, unrated: The animation is about a patient who takes an aspirin, but suffers bad adverse reaction which gives him strange and incomprehensive hallucination. I want to show that during the innovation of medicine in Victoria time, there was little control of the drug and medicines used by patient and because of many accidents were possible in pharmacy.

“Undead Baby”, Eunsaem Jung, Republic of Korea, 1 minutes, unrated: Neither death nor life, even animals nor human. They are just a death metal band, UNDEAD BABY!

“UN DIA ESPECIAL” (“A Special Day”), DANI PADRÓ TARGARONA, Spain, 13 minutes, unrated, Spanish with English subtitles: David is about to marry Cristina. He thinks she is the perfect woman and nothing can ruin their wedding day… or can it? When Capt. Alpha (world-famed superhero) crash-lands into the church, things start to get messy…apparently Cristina hasn’t been all that honest with David: when she gets angry, she turns into a huge super-muscled blue creature…

“Chocolate Darwin”, Patxi Exequiel Aguirre, Germany, 15 minutes, unrated, German with English subtitles: The moon tells us a rhyming story. A fairytale about God who created Darwin. Darwin who created dinosaurs and monkeys. And about mankind that ended up creating itself, becoming a danger to everyone involved. An absurd adventure in an alien but seemingly familiar world…

10:00pm-12:00am — Horror/SciFi Block 1

“Passion and Vice”, Xu Zhang, China, 7 minutes, unrated: The close-up of a kidnapped woman’s survival journey.

“Awakenings”, Bhargav Saikia, India, 13 minutes, unrated, English and Hindi with English subtitles: The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.

“300 000 KILOMETERS PER SECOND”, Stéphane Réthoré, France, 19 minutes, unrated, French with English subtitles: Paris, 1956. Lucien Lacroix, inventor, has resumed the researches of his late father and created a watch that permits the wearer to travel in time. Deciding to go to Geneva to patent his invention, he’s followed by two mysterious individuals…

“AntiVirus”, Alon Newman, Israel, 65 minutes, unrated, English and Hebrew with English subtitles: The movie opens on a press conference which reveals the outbreak of a deadly virus which kills nine high-tech company workers in less than 24 hours. A Tel Aviv district police commander, Mr. Turjeman who is in charge of the investigation is having difficulties facing this enigma and all hope looks lost. As the investigation unveils we realize that the high-tech company named “Patogen” had been a step away from finishing the development of a genius application that could cure people from any virus. Now after six years of research and millions of dollars spent, the ministry of health denies them of approval to conduct human experiments. And they must find a solution, or they won’t be able to repay their partners and investors. Dr. Micha Sharir, one of the company owners is the main witness; his fascinating story is being portrayed on how his brother, Ram and his deputy named Shahar tried everything to save the company due to the Health Ministry’s refusal to approve Human experiments. In a desperate act, someone activates the Protocol… and causes the spreading of a lethal virus. Micha and Ram are shocked and do not know how to escape this awful situation. Meanwhile the army and the police isolate the building to prevent the spread of the virus.

Saturday, October 3

Kids/Family Shorts Block (International)

“Sonali Pakhi” (“Golden Bird”) (12:00pm), Debraj Sarkar, India, 11 minutes, unrated, Bengali with English subtitles: A child came to his village home and listens a story from his grandmother. In earlier days the elders used to tell stories of imaginary characters to encourage children. Those imaginary things captured the children too much that they remained with them even in their later years. In this tale a grandmother captured the confined life of a child with that very story. A child’s life should be formed of independent, colorful things of imagination. Nowadays children are spending a confine life since childhood. Their life is colorless. They doesn’t have the chance of indulging in imagination. Since childhood they become part of a mechanical life. Less people live in a village. Still a child is not bereft of company. On the other hand in spite of so many people in the city, man is confined in loneliness. Nothing is so painful for a child life being confined to a place.The Golden Bird is a symbol here disappearing fear enlightens one’s mind.

“LOS MAGNOMENES EN PELIGRO” (“MAGNOMEN IN DANGER”) (12:04pm), Claudio Baste, Spain, 5 minutes, Spanish with English subtitles: The city of Magnomen is suffering constant attacks, from outer space as much as from Planet Earth. This is the story of how a civilization struggles to survive until the end.

“Ang Kapitbahay Ko Sa 2014” (“My 2014 Neighbor”) (12:11pm), Anya Zulueta, Philippines, 6 minutes, unrated, English and Tagalog with English subtitles: The first friends you make growing up in a country like the Philippines are your neighbors. They are the people you can count on any day of the week to play games with. Fast forward to the 21st century: the Philippines is the global social networking capital. The friends you now have are the ones you see on a monitor or talk to at the tap of your finger on a phone. My 2014 Neighbor goes beyond just depicting multiple-screen interactions. It explores the issue of social dynamics through a screen: a window screen, and whether it ultimately makes “interactions” mean any less.

“PAWO” (12:19pm), Antje Heyn, Germany, 8 minutes, unrated: PAWO (Tibetan for »being brave«) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills …

“Billu’s Flight” (12:28pm), Mayank Tripathi, India, 28 minutes, unrated, Hindi with English subtitles: BILLU’S FLIGHT is a short film based on a young boy in a small village in India. This film portrays his love for a pigeon which he wants to use for a competition called ‘Kabutarbazi’ to pay of his father’s debt who is farmer (Kisan) struggling to pay of his loan. Inspired by Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s famous quote “Pankho se kuch nahi hota hosole se udan hoti hai” (Your flight is measured not by yours wings but by your courage) the story shows his journey to win the competition but suddenly his hopes are shattered when his pigeon goes missing. What happens next is revealed in the climax.

“Goopalo Vasyl” (12:57pm), Oleksandr Danylenko, Ukraine, 4 minutes, unrated: He is the first Ukrainian superhero. His basic rule of life is Good will always conquer evil with love. His name is Goopalo Vasyl. Behold! Short stories from the life of real hero and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

“Voila!” (1:02pm), Andree Sascha, Indonesia, 6 minutes, unrated, Indonesian with English subtitles: Bayu have a magical hat which able to realize all of his request , until one day he finds the secrets behind that hat.

“JOHN BURSON” (1:09pm), MATILDA BASTE, Spain, 3 minutes, unrated: John Burson keeps our cities monsters free. This is how he works.

“Igramo se price” (“Let’s Play a Story”) (1:14pm), Marina Andree Skop, Croatia, 7 minutes, unrated: It’s bed time and Mum reads to her son Toma a story about a Grasshopper and an Ant. The characters in the book come to life and take us to the magical animated world of the fable. However, Toma is not happy of the way the story unfolds and decides to tell his own version in which the characters get new traits and the story takes an unexpected turn. His improvised storytelling is portrayed by animated characters that look like he draw them himself.

“Na Realidade” (“Reality”) (1:22pm), Rodrigo Bitti, Brazil, 10 minutes, unrated, Portuguese with English subtitles: During his mom’s funeral, João looks back to the origins of his understanding about death.

“Joe & Claire Go To Space” (1:33pm), Joseph Servodio, USA, 10 minutes, unrated: Joe is an eight-year-old who wants to build a spaceship to live in outer space but in order to do so, he’ll need to survive the help of his annoying neighbor, Claire, who has a huge crush on him.

2:00pm-4:00pm — Kids/Family Feature 1 — “Battledream Chronicle”, Alain Bidard, France, 108 minutes, unrated, French with English subtitles: In 2100, the empire of Mortemonde colonized almost all the nations of the Earth and reduced their populations to slavery. Every slave is forced to collect 1000XP every month in Battledream, a video game where they can die for real. Only those who succeed are granted the right to live until the following month. Syanna, a young Martinican slave, refuses to keep living in this condition and decides to fight for her freedom…

4:00pm-5:30pm — Happy Hour Music Block

“Wonderland: What Do You Really Wanna Say”, Eszter Angyalosy & Dániel Szoke, Hungary, 6 minutes, unrated: Wonderland is an imaginary band from the novel by the Hungarian authors Eszter Angyalosy and Akos Baranyai. But the imaginary band’s imaginary biggest hit, ‘What Do You Really Wanna Say’ has become real, thanks to the musicians Adam Szeker, Gergely Ambrus Horvath and Akos Baranyai. Isn’t it a wonder? Be part of this extraordinary experience, come with us to Wonderland, listen our song, watch our video, and enjoy the Wonderland feeling.

“Lions and Cheetahs”, Clément Roy, France, 7 minutes, unrated: A Pretty Mermaid became Princess of the ocean (completely by chance) finds herself in front of earthly and human situations that exceeds her power to manage them. So that any confusion, she takes herself for an animal from the zoo in completely unreal circumstances. She cannot even recognize the flag of the country in which it reigns with her lion, as cheetah as she is. Uh, but true; it’s not a lion?! It is more like a teenager who spends his life jocking during sports. Isn’t she dreaming? According to the giraffe: maybe

“Saturday Morning”, Marco Gallo, Italy, 4 minutes, unrated: Mattia Caroli & I Fiori del Male

“Japanese Wallpaper – Between Friends”, Peter Camilleri & Declan Sands, Australia, 4 minutes, unrated: A young man, stuck in his father’s beach-side home, is exploring and coming to terms with his sexuality. Is it a friend or a lover that hides in the shadows of his home-town?

“O pastor animarum”, H. Paul Moon, USA, 5 minutes, unrated: “O pastor animarum” is an original Latin text from the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, translated as “O shepherd of souls,” which forms the basis for this film’s original score sung and performed by composer Bora Yoon. As a music-driven dance film, it explores the crossing of artist and messiah, east and west, land and sea, and religious sacraments. Beginning with traditional Korean dance, drum and haegum, it moves from sanctuary to graveyard to forest to sea, with increasing camera momentum and musical aggression, into a cycle of paschal violence.

“Pain”, Peter Pahor, Italy, 4 minutes, unrated: When the sexuality is used as a blackmail to enslave and control the minds an extreme action can be a solution.

“Tag!” – Scarves, Benjamin Owens, USA, 3 minutes, unrated: A music video by Seattle-based band Scarves. A vampire and a mummy go door to door looking for victims.

“Bad Intention” – 100 Watt Mind, Ronny Huffstutter, USA, 3 minutes, unrated:

“Beauty Magazines” – The Rumor, Ziv Feldman/Dima Polivkin/Assaf Averbuch, Israel, 4 minutes, unrated: This music video by The Rumor tells the story of a young girl struggling with body image issues that manifest into an eating disorder. She runs on a treadmill in front of the TV while imagining herself in various commercials, advertising fictitious products that shed light on what got her there in the first place. She runs until her breaking point in which she understands she has to make a change in her life before it will be too late.

“Girls Don’t Cry Wolf”, John Chigas & Anna Eva Kotyza, USA, 4 minutes, unrated: Girls Don’t Cry Wolf is dedicated to survivors of sexual assault. Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely to be victims of sexual violence than the general population. Together we can raise awareness to end this culture that perpetuates the objectification and oppression of young women.

“Losing IT” – The Rumor, Nitzan Ron, Israel, 3 minutes, unrated: The Rumor, accompanied by actress Hili Yalon, are a gang of thieves robbing a local diner disguised as politicians. The robbery goes out of hand as the police arrives and chases the band right into the surprising ending. The music video is strongly influenced by the band’s favorite crime films as “Pulp Fiction” and “Point Break”

“You’re there (Maddevi)”, Mario Maldonado, Mexico, 5 minutes, unrated: Pepe finds a Nintendo Virtual Boy, and with it, he escapes from his reality and gets into a land of dream.

“Sundays” – Terra, Benjamin Noah, Canada, 7 minutes, unrated: Sundays is a short film disguised as a music video about man’s quest for knowledge.

“California” – Mad Shepherd, Marco Gallo, Italy, 4 minutes, unrated: California by Mad Shepherd featuring Giulia Michelini and Andrea Napoleoni

“Exposure” – Roy’s Iron DNA, Piotr Piasta, UK, 6 minutes, unrated: Exposure is a music video for Roy’s Iron DNA band.

“Airborne” – Ash Before Oak, Greg Tomaszewicz, UK, 3 minutes, unrated: Music video for Ash Before Oak single Airborne from their album “Favourite Chickens”. Faberk the clown marries his love, but with time things are not as great as he thought they would be. He sets out on a journey searching for completion.

5:30pm-8:00pm — Documentary Block 2

“Zy El Askry” (“Like a Solider”) (5:30pm), Ahmed Hassan Goudah, Egypt, 19 minutes, unrated, Arabic with English subtitles: The film is a collection of interviews with six girls, who are talking about the way of living and their desire for change. There is a simple and deprived of many things they are forbidden from doing it in their communities like late hanging out and travel with their friends… That is why they want to migrate, whether internal or external so they can live in a natural way of living, and be more independent not to be forced into (A Solider).

“Finding Home” (5:50pm), Derek Hammeke, USA, 117 minutes, unrated: Finding Home is a gripping documentary following the lives of three young Cambodian women who were victims of sex trafficking at a young age. Filmmaker, Derek Hammeke, brings to life the brutal and evil world of modern day slavery. Through three years of filming their post trafficking experiences, Hammeke allows these young women to reveal their stories with dignity. The viewer will see the devastation and heartache of these tragic stories, but will also experience hope and joy as they journey with these young women on a path from victim to survivor. Finding Home reminds us that we are all connected in our humanity; that we are all looking for a place of love, acceptance and community. A place called home.

8:00pm-10:00pm — Cult Feature — “Australiens”, Joe Bauer, Australia, 111 minutes, unrated: At the age of 10, Australian-born Andi Gibson had what she describes as a close encounter with a flying saucer. Naturally, everyone assumed she was bonkers. That is until one notable evening, 17 years later, when an airborne extra-terrestrial armada launches a nation-wide assault on Andi’s home country and at the same time, for unspecified reasons, kidnaps her mother. To add to the debacle, it seems the other nations of the world are far too insulted by their exclusion from the attack to come to Australia’s aid. Now it’s up to Andi, her hypochondriac brother Elliot, retired boxer cousin Keith and documentary filmmaker friend Cam to stop the attack and rescue Andi’s mum. Enlisting the help of Andi’s equal-parts mysterious and cringe-worthy father, the gang must battle car-chasing spaceships, martial-arts aliens, giant killer robots and, perhaps most frighteningly, a deluge of family secrets in their fight to save Australia. Bloody hell, this is gonna be a long night.

10:00pm-12:00am — Horror/SciFi Feature

“Flight Fright”, Jim Politano, USA, 6 minutes, unrated: An airline passenger with a fear of flying starts to see strange things after taking nerve medicine. Winner of Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography at the Phoenix Film Challenge Awards and the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival. Also winner of the “Best Of Craft” award at the 2015 IndieAZ Fest. Features a cameo by film star Eddie Deezen. (Grease, 1941, WarGames, The Polar Express)

“Dumbageddon”, DongLiang Chang & Christopher Johnson, Canada, 5 minutes, unrated: People’s brains, tired of their misuse by their human masters, decide to revolt and leave their human hosts. Together, they start a global movement to find a new home for themselves, much to the dismay of the brainless humans.

“Killer Tape”, Lorenzo Fassina, Italy, 12 minutes, unrated: VHSploitation short movie. An old videotape gets revenge on its cruel owner.

“CAEDES – Forestglade of Death”, Slavko Spionjak, Germany, 89 minutes, unrated, German with English subtitles: Dan and his three friends (ex – soldiers ) go camping in a forestglade. After a wild night of drinking it comes to a rude awakening! Panic and hysteria spreading. A young woman is just bitten by a camper with bare teeth. Totally confused and pure fear people try to find refuge in the forest … … And this is where they expected absolute evil!

Sunday, October 4

12:00pm-2:00pm — Kids/Family Shorts Block 2

“Comet” (12:00pm), Dan Morrow & Derek Morrow, USA, 6 minutes, unrated: A lonely boy finds friendship with a lonely alien.

“The Red Thunder” (12:07pm), Alvaro Ron, USA, 7 minutes, unrated: Sarah (Allie Grant, “Weeds”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah doesn’t buy it. After all Dr. Thun is just a Podiatrist… Sarah receives a message from Danny asking if she is going to pick him up and she decides to disobey her mom and steal the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah’s life forever…

“Keeper of the Groove” (12:14pm), Alonzo Crawford, USA, 8 minutes, unrated: When a young boy wanders sad and lost in the woods, he meets up with a mysterious man who teaches him the means to – and importance of, finding his “Groove”.

“The Santa Lie” (12:23pm), Darren Langlands, UK, 6 minutes, unrated: Six-year-old Amy confronts her parents on the truth about Santa early one Christmas morning.

“Endeavour” (12:30pm), Brendan Feltrup-Exum, USA, 5 minutes, unrated: Endeavour is about a young boy who discovers a new girl moving in next door and how he attempts to connect with her while not knowing how to do so.

“Seventh Heaven” (12:36pm), Or Tilinger, Israel, 11 minutes, unrated: Somewhere on faraway China, on a huge rock forest, living on the edge of a cliff, a shepherd named Jasio with his sheep. One day they find themselves stuck in the other side far away from home after an earthquake crosses the rock into two separate parts. Jasio will do everything to return home, but whether he will leave his sheep behind and chose to return home without them?

“Canned” (12:48pm), Ivan Joy & Tanya Zaman & Nathaniel Hatton, USA, 3 minutes, unrated: A street artist paints a beautiful mural of a woman on the wall, and is suddenly chased by police for having vandalized. The beautiful creation comes to life to save her creator in a chase scene through the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

“Wing Man” (12:52pm), Jesse Harley, Canada, 11 minutes, unrated: A modern day cupid has a tough day on the job when he loses his love-bonding magical camera. In order to save the day, and his own shot at love, he must find the photographer who ran off with it.

“Christmas Is Believing” (1:04pm), Andrew M.A. Spear, Canada, 24 minutes, unrated: A father must rediscover his lost passion for the holiday season or risk ruining Christmas for his five year old daughter.

“Apples & Oranges” (1:29pm), Alyxandra Press, USA, 10 minutes, unrated: It is another typical day in the life of Paul, the accountant. As he has every day at noon for the past four years, he strolls through the park, but this day will be different from the one thousand four hundred fifty-nine that preceded it. This day, he will discover he is significant.

“Enchanted Ink” (1:40pm), Brandon Scarry & Lauren Hart, USA, 6 minutes, unrated: Enchanted Ink is the story of May, a young Persian girl learning the magic of writing for the first time. May discovers that a moment’s distraction leads to a great mistake with even greater adventure…

2:00pm-4:00pm — Kids Family Feature

“Pest Friends” (2:00pm), Jennifer Re, USA, 12 minutes, unrated: A failed puppeteer rediscovers his passion through an unlikely friendship with a ghost and her family of rats.

“Safe Bet” (2:16pm), Bonginhlanhla Ncube, South Africa, 92 minutes, unrated: When Frank’s lifelong friend Khaya turns up with another money-making scheme, Frank is tempted into throwing in the entire boss’s money into a fixed boxing match.

4:00pm-6:30pm — LGBT Block 2

“Pebble Moon” (4:00pm), Lian Furness, UK, 16 minutes, unrated: Curious seven year old Lily sees the world through the fantasy stories written by one of her two fathers. After she sees them upset following the arrival of a strange woman from the past, we follow her quest to cheer up her dads, using the moral of her favorite bedtime story, Pebble Moon, as she discovers what true family means.

“Traffic Island” – Johnny Had A Boyfriend (4:17pm), Outi Hartikainen, Finland, 5 minutes, unrated: “Johnny Had A Boyfriend” is a music video single taken from Traffic Island’s third E.P. “Third EP”.

“Bowes Academy” (4:24pm), Greg Emetaz, USA, 15 min unrated: Daniel Bloom, a deeply conservative 15-year-old presidential hopeful who will do anything to escape his public high school to the elite boys boarding school of his dreams…until Bowes Academy seems to know more about his sexual orientation than he does.

“Gazelle — The Love Issue” (4:40pm), Cesar Terranova, Brazil, 93 minutes, unrated: With the sudden death of his partner Eric, Paulo must pass through a life transformation. Paulo is HIV+ but never got sick before and now he sees his own life is in danger for the first time. He embarks on a conscious transformation by filtering what matters in his life. The film brings us into Paulo’s search for a meaningful way…

6:30pm-9:00pm — Documentary Block 3

“Diamonds In The Rough” (6:30pm), Dominique Carino, USA, 16 minutes, unrated: The Helfer family meticulously crafts handmade jewelry at their shop in downtown Pittsburgh while addressing family dynamics both in and out of the workplace.

“One More Round” (6:45pm), Lewis Nicholson, UK, 5 minutes, unrated: Kieran Farrell is a former professional boxer. In 2012 Kieran was given the chance to fight for the English Lightweight Title against Anthony Crolla, though at the end of the fight Kieran collapsed due to dehydration and a bleed to the brain. This horrible incident ended his career. Since this Kieran has opening his own gym in his hometown of Heywood where he now trains kid the sport.

“Ripcor: Riding with Mamils” (6:50pm), John Scrivener, UK, 52 minutes, unrated: Ripcor: Riding with Mamils is a documentary following a unique cycle team on their journey tackling some of the toughest climbs in the French Alps. The film explores the motivations behind the Ripcor Cycling Club, the characters, the camaraderie and provides an insight into the culture of cycling.

“Out of Focus” (7:42pm), Shahriar Siami Shal, UK, 51 minutes, unrated, English and Persian with English subtitles: This is a film about Afshin Naghouni, an Iranian-British disable painter who has fallen down from seventh floor of a building while he was escaping from Iran polices’ attack to a birthday party in Tehran and his spinal cord severely injured. He came to Britain Seventeen years ago for treatment then stayed in this country, got married and now he works as a professional painter but in a wheelchair.

9:00pm-10:30pm — Horror/SciFi Feature — “Subterranea”, Mathew Miller, USA, 109 minutes, unrated: A man raised in complete isolation is released into society for the first time as an adult and must learn how to live. Along the way, he discovers that he’s part of a social experiment and sets off to find answers about his dark past.


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