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QCFF 2015 Official Selections (FINAL)

2015 official selectionsqcff 2015 poster cropped RAMADA 2

These are the official selections of QCFF 2015:

Project Title Directors Country of Origin Duration Submission Categories
A Lesson of Love (2014) Micheal McAlexander United States 1:42:00 Appalachian
Across the Whipplewash Josh Drake, Caitlin Drake United States 0:16:16 Appalachian
Bounty Momma Wendy Keeling United States 0:14:55 Appalachian
Civil Andrew Stacy Huggins United States 0:08:24 Appalachian
One Vision / Many Voices Michael O. Snyder United States 0:06:29 Appalachian
Rural Aspirations Mike Venezia United States 0:03:00 Appalachian
Something Better Comes Along Mark Loriot Mazzeo United States 1:06:43 Appalachian
Tree Hugger Kira Bursky United States 0:13:06 Appalachian
You Wouldn’t Expect Evan Kidd United States 0:09:07 Appalachian
Adverse Reaction Lai Wei United Kingdom 0:01:26 Cult
Australiens Joe Bauer Australia 1:51:10 Cult
Chocolate Darwin Patxi Exequiel Aguirre, Kiana Naghshineh Germany 0:14:34 Cult
Greetings from Coney Island Adrian Alonso Cordoni Argentina 0:02:50 Cult
I Love You, Eddie Deezen Sherry Mattson United States 0:13:22 Cult
In Vino Veritas Lorenzo Borghini Italy 0:15:17 Cult
No one at that place. Seung-Hyeob Kim Korea, Republic of 0:16:42 Cult
Undead Baby Eunsaem Korea, Republic of 0:00:42 Cult
We Are Friends Carlos Solano Spain 0:12:45 Cult
Art Connect Miquel Galofre Trinidad and Tobago 1:14:00 Documentary
Diamonds in the Rough Dominique Carino United States 0:15:30 Documentary
Farewell to Factory Towns? Maynard Seider United States 1:01:00 Documentary
Finding Home Derek Hammeke United States 1:57:45 Documentary
How Sweet the Sound — The Blind Boys of Alabama Leslie McCleave United States 1:29:00 Documentary
Like a Solider Ahmed Hassan Goudah, Mohab Saber Egypt 0:18:56 Documentary
One More Round Lewis Nicholson United Kingdom 0:05:21 Documentary
Out of Focus Shahriar  Siami Shal United Kingdom 0:51:05 Documentary
Pepín Bello, the man who never did anything Alvaro Merino Spain 0:29:57 Documentary
Ripcor: Riding with Mamils John Scrivener United Kingdom 0:52:00 Documentary
300 000 KILOMETERS PER SECOND Stéphane Réthoré France 0:18:35 Horror / Science Fiction
AntiVirus Alon Newman Israel 1:05:00 Horror / Science Fiction
Awakenings Bhargav Saikia India 0:13:19 Horror / Science Fiction
CAEDES – Forestglade of Death Slavko Spionjak Germany 1:29:00 Horror / Science Fiction
Dumbageddon DongLiang Chang, Christopher Johnson Canada 0:05:20 Horror / Science Fiction
FLIGHT  FRIGHT Jim Politano United States 0:06:20 Horror / Science Fiction
Killer Tape Lorenzo Fassina Italy 0:11:54 Horror / Science Fiction
Passion and Vice Xu Zhang China 0:07:11 Horror / Science Fiction
Subterranea Mathew Miller United States 1:39:10 Horror / Science Fiction
Apples & Oranges Alyxandra Press United States 0:09:46 Kids / Family
Battledream Chronicle Alain Bidard Martinique 1:48:01 Kids / Family
Billu’s Flight Mayank Tripathi India 0:28:00 Kids / Family
Canned Ivan Joy, Tanya Zaman, Nathaniel Hatton United States 0:03:03 Kids / Family
Christmas Is Believing Andrew M.A. Spear Canada 0:24:00 Kids / Family
Comet Dan Morrow, Derek Morrow United States 0:05:31 Kids / Family
Enchanted Ink Brandon Scarry, Lauren hart United States 0:06:06 Kids / Family
Endeavour Brendan Feltrup-Exum United States 0:05:02 Kids / Family
Golden Bird Debraj Sarkar India 0:10:40 Kids / Family
Goopalo Vasyl Oleksandr Danylenko Ukraine 0:03:53 Kids / Family
Joe & Claire Go to Space Joseph Servodio United States 0:09:30 Kids / Family
JOHN BURSON MATILDA BASTE Spain 0:03:24 Kids / Family
Keeper of the Groove Alonzo Crawford United States 0:07:58 Kids / Family
Let’s Play a Story Marina Andree Skop Croatia 0:06:37 Kids / Family
MAGNOMEN IN DANGER Claudio Baste Spain 0:05:10 Kids / Family
My 2014 Neighbor Anya Zulueta Philippines 0:06:17 Kids / Family
PAWO Antje Heyn Germany 0:07:38 Kids / Family
Pest Friends Jennifer Re United States 0:12:01 Kids / Family
Reality Rodrigo Bitti Brazil 0:09:57 Kids / Family
Safe Bet Bonginhlanhla Ncube South Africa 1:31:37 Kids / Family
Seventh Heaven Or Tilinger Israel 0:10:30 Kids / Family
The Red Thunder Alvaro Ron United States 0:06:26 Kids / Family
The Santa Lie Darren Langlands United Kingdom 0:05:34 Kids / Family
Voila! Andree Sascha Indonesia 0:06:15 Kids / Family
Wing Man Jesse Harley Canada 0:11:00 Kids / Family
Bowes Academy Greg Emetaz United States 0:15:00 LGBT
Breaking Free Sridhar Rangayan India 1:22:00 LGBT
Gazelle – The Love Issue Cesar Terranova Brazil 1:33:13 LGBT
Pebble Moon Lian Furness United Kingdom 0:15:55 LGBT
Red Over The Rainbow Baumont Vincent Vietnam 0:27:16 LGBT
Traffic Island – Johnny Had A Boyfriend Outi Hartikainen Finland 0:05:16 LGBT
“Bad Intention”-100 Watt Mind Ronny Huffstutter United States 0:02:55 Music
Ash Before Oak – Airborne Greg Tomaszewicz United Kingdom 0:02:54 Music
Beauty Magazines – The Rumor Ziv Feldman, Dima Polivkin, Assaf Averbuch Israel 0:04:26 Music
California Marco Gallo Italy 0:04:20 Music
Exposure Piotr Piasta United Kingdom 0:05:28 Music
Girls Don’t Cry Wolf John Chigas, Anna Eva Kotyza United States 0:04:12 Music
Japanese Wallpaper – ‘Between Friends’ Peter Camilleri, Declan Sands Australia 0:03:55 Music
Lions & Cheetahs clément roy France 0:06:47 Music
Losing IT – The Rumor Nitzan Ron Israel 0:03:25 Music
O pastor animarum H. Paul Moon United States 0:04:28 Music
Pain Peter Pahor Italy 0:03:28 Music
Saturday morning Marco Gallo Italy 0:03:25 Music
Sundays Benjamin Noah Canada 0:06:30 Music
Tag! – Scarves Benjamin Owens United States 0:03:25 Music
Wonderland: What Do You Really Wanna Say Eszter Angyalosy, Dániel Szőke Hungary 0:06:13 Music
You’re there (Maddevi) Mario Maldonado Mexico 0:04:39 Music