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QCFF 2015 Early Selections

2015 Early Selections

These are the QCFF 2015 Early Selections:

JOHN BURSON 3 min Spain MATILDA BASTE Kids / Family
John Burson keeps our cities monsters free. This is how he works.

MAGNOMEN IN DANGER 5 min Spain Claudio Baste Kids / Family
The city of Magnomen is suffering constant attacks, from outer space as much as from Planet Earth. This is the story of how a civilization struggles to survive until the end.

The Red Thunder 6 min United States Alvaro Ron Kids / Family
Sarah (Allie Grant, “Weeds”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving by the dangerous streets of downtown Los Angeles. She tells her daughter she may need her car if one of her patients has an emergency, but Sarah doesn’t buy it. After all Dr. Thun is just a Podiatrist… Sarah receives a message from Danny asking if she is going to pick him up and she decides to disobey her mom and steal the car. Little does she know the vehicle is actually part of a secret Dr. Thun keeps and this discovery will change Sarah’s life forever…

Traffic Island – Johnny Had A Boyfriend 5 min Finland Outi Hartikainen LGBT, Music
“Johnny Had A Boyfriend” is a music video single taken from Traffic Island’s third E.P. “Third EP”.

The Santa Lie 5 min United Kingdom Darren Langlands Kids / Family
Six-year-old Amy confronts her parents on the truth about Santa early one Christmas morning.

Finding Home 2 hours United States Derek Hammeke Documentary
Finding Home is a gripping documentary following the lives of three young Cambodian women who were victims of sex trafficking at a young age. Filmmaker, Derek Hammeke, brings to life the brutal and evil world of modern day slavery. Through three years of filming their post trafficking experiences, Hammeke allows these young women to reveal their stories with dignity. The viewer will see the devastation and heartache of these tragic stories, but will also experience hope and joy as they journey with these young women on a path from victim to survivor. Finding Home reminds us that we are all connected in our humanity; that we are all looking for a place of love, acceptance and community. A place called home.

Comet 6 min United States Dan Morrow, Derek Morrow Kids / Family
A lonely boy finds friendship with a lonely alien.

Greetings from Coney Island 3 min Argentina Adrian Alonso Cordoni Cult
Take a ride down the road of memories.

Pest Friends 12 min United States Jennifer Re Kids / Family
A failed puppeteer rediscovers his passion through an unlikely friendship with a ghost and her family of rats.