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QCFF 2016 Official Selections

Allegany Allied Arts and the Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) are pleased to announce the Official Selections for QCFF 2016. Official schedule and more details to follow.

2016 Official Selections

Submission Title, Director Name, Running Time, Category
Abstract Painting, Tatiana Skorlupkina, 0:06:51, Animation
Cacophony, AiHsuan Shih, 0:02:00, Animation
Calvin’s Shoe, Joseph Fraizer, 0:07:23, Animation
Cuerdas, Pedro Solis Garcia, 0:10:52, Animation
Memory Sync, William Travis Johnson, 0:07:36, Animation
Poochini, Max Colson, 0:03:40, Animation
Quiet Expectancy, Lindley Taylor, 0:03:13, Animation
Sisters, David Chontos, 0:03:50, Animation
The Mandarin Garden, Joe Chang, 0:07:30, Animation
The Old Man and The Pears, Jing Sun, 0:05:01, Animation
The Valley Below, Joel Hofmann, 0:08:31, Animation
TRASHONAUTS, Jack Griffin Corpening, 0:02:21, Animation
Bounty Momma “Shakespeare in the Trailer Park”, Wendy Keeling, 0:11:09, Appalachian
Ghosts in the Mountains, Chris Hite, 0:18:52, Appalachian
Rapidan: A Journey Down a Virginia River, Phil Audibert, 0:03:15, Appalachian
Son of Clowns, Evan Kidd, 1:35:26, Appalachian
State Inspection, David Smith, 0:07:36, Appalachian
Walking The Crooked Tune: A fiddler’s journey out of the past, Charles Cohen, 0:27:37, Appalachian
Artemis, Heather D. Freeman, 0:03:40, Cult
Lady Stardust, Erin Cardiff, 0:10:00, Cult
MONSTER, Kuan-Fu Lin, 0:03:55, Cult
The Next Big Thing, Brody Gusar, 1:22:38, Cult
BANG! The Bert Berns Story, Brett Berns, Bob Sarles, 1:34:15, Documentary
Buskers: Sounds of the City, Megan Zebrowski, 0:10:27, Documentary
Last Dance on the Main, Aristofanis Soulikias, 0:03:07, Documentary
On the other side of the mirror, Cecilia Grasso, 0:53:59, Documentary
Pepino’s back!, Luca Bich, 0:51:00, Documentary
SMILE, Natsumi Shibata, 0:31:43, Documentary
Desert Age: A Rock and Roll Scene History, Jason Georgiades, 01:15:35, Documentary
The Dying of the Light, Peter Flynn, 1:34:32, Documentary
There Is No Such Thing As The Record Label Fairy – The Story of Windowpane, Tony Abreu, 1:36:15, Documentary
Through the Place, Daniel Lovering, 1:02:20, Documentary
Birth-Weaving life, WAKAMI Arisa, ARAI Chie, KOGUMA Atsuko, 0:19:04, Documentary, Animation
Carrots, Action Lee, 0:05:30, Horror/SciFi
Hidden Daylight, Adrienne Lovette, 0:18:00, Horror/SciFi
Infirmity, Kyle Hytonen, Derek Lukosius, 0:13:40, Horror/SciFi
KITCHEN, Steve Duchesne, 0:16:40, Horror/SciFi
Peelers, Sevé Schelenz, 1:35:40, Horror/SciFi
Polterheist, David Gilbank, 0:18:37, Horror/SciFi
Something To Save You, Vis Vitalis, 0:19:15, Horror/SciFi
Sweet 6Teen, Debbie Attwell, 0:06:14, Horror/SciFi
The Call, Alban Ravassard, 0:17:09, Horror/SciFi
The Light Thief, Eva Daoud, 0:19:00, Horror/SciFi
The Recursion Theorem, Ben Sledge, 0:28:08, Horror/SciFi
The Unconventional Gourmet, Wendy Keeling, 0:12:26, Horror/SciFi
Two tickets to Heaven, Serge Darowski, 0:20:19, Horror/SciFi
Wintergreen, Sean Mullen, 0:16:30, Horror/SciFi
Big Boy, Yuri Solodov, 0:15:54, Kids / Family
Charlie & Poppy, Jennifer Potts, 0:14:15, Kids / Family
Hide and Seek, Rashesh Desai, 0:16:05, Kids / Family
Inkfinger, Michael Holman, 1:37:22, Kids / Family
Message in the Fortune Cookie, Golam Mustofa, 0:19:38, Kids / Family
Octavius 4 – Hack Attack, James Baras-Miller, 0:05:00, Kids / Family
This Time It’s Shopping, Chek Wingo, 0:04:10, Kids / Family
Agrinoui, Alexis Chaviaras, 0:19:40, Kids / Family, Animation
What Do You Want to Be?, Emma Fici, 0:02:23, Kids / Family, Animation
Bus Stop Beauty, Eric Brunt, 0:02:29, LGBT
Better Half, MIchelle Clay, 1:49:04, LGBT
Dawn, Jake Graf, 0:13:24, LGBT
Easy Reappearance, Guillaume Levil, 0:16:50, LGBT
Intrinsic Moral Evil, Harm Weistra, 0:10:45, LGBT
Longing, Nadav Mishali, 0:19:44, LGBT
MUKWANO , Cecilie McNair, 0:20:00, LGBT
Wedlocked, Puppett, 0:11:34, LGBT
Who I Am, Monika Wilczynska, 0:17:26, LGBT
‘Darker Clouds’ Music Video, Mel Yourich, 0:04:25, Music
Nighthawks on the Blue Highway, Michael Streissguth, 1:15:00, Music